Birth of a Villain

Birth of a Villain

Band :
Title : Birth of a Villain
Release Date : 10/09/2015
Catalog ref. : 12345
Format : CD

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Birth of a Villain, carries a steady flow of real-world lyrical struggles drawn from self-experience. His unique vocal cadence combined with head bumpin hazy beats is what sets Alpha Tvylore apart from the pack.

Originally due to release in August of 2015, Alpha postponed the release of Birth of a Villain so that he could record and include two additional songs written during the mastering of the original track list.
“Alpha is an honest rapper with a progressive flow” states Los Angeles rapper/producer, Polyester The Saint, producer on the track All my Doe.

Writing all of his own work, Alpha has grown as a true rap poet, escalating from his early work of rhyme and rhythm to hard reality, embracing the negative he has been faced with to create a positive outlet with which people can relate. The 20 tracks on the album encapsulate impactful experiences and emotions from Alpha’s life. One of those tracks, Villain, recounts multiple, non-sequential events and experiences such as acknowledging the difference in skin color from that of the rest of his family, feeling fatherless, having witnessed a murder as a child, to the circumstances he presently finds himself in and how these have shaped his life.

One of LA’s leading DJs, DJ V.I.P., describes Alpha Tvylore’s latest release as “a refreshing breath of fresh air for Hip Hop.  It’s not your conventional release, which is why I gravitated towards it.  Proof that there is still authentic MC’s in the game.”